Create and Manage User Accounts

Users are members of your organization or team who have access to your Nold Cloud account to manage your devices and guests. This article talks about managing User accounts in Nold.

Create User Accounts

As a device owner, you can add new Users to your account from Users. Fill in basic profile information and set the appropriate role in the Add a new user section. Two important things to mention: first, make sure that the email address you use is already a Nold user (created an account with the Nold mobile app) and that user is signed in at least once into Nold Cloud.

There are two types of roles you can select:

  • Administrator: this role will let the user add new guests, except guests added by you or other administrators.
  • Owner: this role works exactly like your own account, so the user will see every guest and their data

Managing User Accounts

User accounts can be deleted at any time, and you can also switch between roles quickly.

When a User account is deleted:

  • All previous guests and keys added remain in place
  • Reporting is not affected in any way

To delete a User, head over to the Users menu and simply click on the red Delete button.

To switch the user's role, click the Change to owner or Change to administrator buttons, these changes will be applied automatically and instantly.