How do i install Nold Open?

Nold Open connects to your existing garage door or gate opener. Most of these openers have an input to connect third party accessories like push buttons and wall switches, this is where Nold Open will connect. 

First, make sure you have everything you need to install Nold Open. 

Garage doors If you have a wall switch already installed, follow the wires that connects to your opener's motor. Usually there are two wires and Nold OUT1 will connect to the same inputs. Your existing wall switch and remotes will work just as before. If you don't have a wall switch, search for your opener's manual, most probably it describes how to connect a switch to your opener and just follow these instructions to connect Nold Open. 

Most European openers (like Hörmann, Nice, Ditec, Marantec etc…) will support power output to power up additional accessories, like radio receivers. This is where Nold PWR will connect. Most American openers (like Liftmaster, Chamberlain) does not have an easily accessible power output. In this case, you need to use an additional power supply to power up Nold. Any 9-24V power adapter will work fine. Learn more about this here

If you have a twin garage, you can hook up OUT2 to your other opener, so you can control both doors with a single device. 

Entry gates The process is very similar with entry gates. Remove the plastic housing from your opener and connect OUT1 and PWR to your opener. With entry gates, you can use the second output with the pedestrian open function. 

After you installed the devices, follow these instructions to setup your devices with your phone. 

In addition, the order of the wires doesn't matter, Nold Open is polarity independent on each output and input. As always, if you're not sure how to connect Nold, feel free to contact us at with your opener's brand/model number and we will look up the wiring for you.