How does Nold Open work?

Think of Nold Open as low-voltage push button and a switch, which is controlled by your phone. Nold supports two operation modes:

Pulse mode This is the default option, which works like a push button. You might have a wall switch for your garage already installed, this is how Nold works and connects to your opener. This mode is suitable for most garage door openers, gate openers and a lot more that requires a single push button to operate things. The pulse length can be increased in the App Settings up to 10 seconds, so it could work with magnetic door switches too (like apartment doors).

Open & close mode In this mode, Nold works like a light switch. You can change the operation mode in the device settings menu. With this mode you can control your LED lights (turning it on or off), hook it up to your alarm or even start your irrigation system with your phone. We also support an optional auto-close feature in this mode, so when you disconnect the device, it will turn it off automatically for you. 

As you can see, Nold has several user areas, just keep in mind that it can only switch low-power devices.