Understand the invite process

One of the main feature of Nold is the ability to share access with others. We call those users who you share access with Guests and they will receive virtual keys with an emailed invite to operate your Nold Open devices. The invite process looks like this:

  1. You add a guest to the Nold database by providing a name and an email address (or phone number)
  2. Select one or more devices that the guest will receive access to
  3. Select the key type, you can learn more about the available options here
  4. The guest will receive a link via email (or sms, if only a phone number was provided)
  5. The guest will open this link on their phone, which will: - Redirect to the app store (Google Play or iOS App Store) to download the Nold Open application - Or opens the application automatically if already installed
  6. Once the Nold Open application starts, the key will be downloaded automatically and is ready to be used

A few things to keep in mind

  • Internet connection is needed to open the link
  • The guest doesn't need to sign in or sign up to create a Nold account
  • The invitation link can be opened only once
  • The link should be opened on the phone, however if you open it on your desktop browser, a QR code will be displayed which can be scanned with the phone
  • If the guests ask, you can resend the invitation

Key status indicators

There are three values for key status:

  • Active means that the key is downloaded on a phone and it's in use
  • Pending keys are sent out to the guest, but they didn't open them yet
  • Expired keys are the ones where it's reached the expiration date

You can find these indicators on your guest list: green dot means an active, blue a pending and red an expired key.