Understand the various key types

Let's take a look at the various key types Nold provides for your guests.

Unlimited access

This is the default key type when you invite a new guest. This type of key works until you manually revoke it. A few important notes:

  • This type of key can work offline (guest can use it without internet connection)
  • If you revoke a key like this, you need to activate the changes on the Nold Open device by using your smartphone (so you need to be in Bluetooth range to revoke access immediately)
  • You can create unlimited number of keys like this in the free plan too
  • If you need to log the usage of this type of key, keep in mind that the guest's phone needs to be online

Scheduled access

Scheduled access keys are the ones with date and time limits. You can set a start and expiration date and you can even limit specific days and times too. For example, the key will only work on Mondays from 10:00AM to 11:00AM. A few important notes:

This type of key requires internet connection on the guests phone, as it will check for permission first in Nold Cloud.

Activity feed and notifications are required for this type of key, so once you select this option, the activity feed toggle will turn on automatically.

Copy keys

By default, the virtual key can be opened on one phone only. Using this option you can set a specific number to set how many times the key can be loaded. For example, for a family of five, you just need to send one key to someone with the copy keys (value set to 5) and they can distribute the keys themselves. When you revoke the access, all 5 will be revoked.