Need raw data for more analysis? You can export your activity feed into a CSV file, which you can process with Excel. You can also print out the reports data(or save it as a PDF file).

Generate an Export

To export your activity feed, first, head over to the Activity feed* menu and select Save/Export

In the modal that appears, you can select a date range for your export and also select which guests you want to include. By default, all guests are selected.

Click on the Generate export file* button to create your export results. A message will be displayed below the button indicating a successful export. Click on the Click here button to download the CSV file.

What's in the export?

The following fields included in the export, in this order:

Event type
Guest's email address
Guest's name
Device name

List of possible event types:

- sent: key sent to the guest
- downloaded: guest accepted the invite and loaded the key into the app
- connected: guest used the key
- revoked: access has been revoked from the guest
- renewed: invitation sent again to the guest
- deleted: guest deleted
- edited: access type edited

Print out the report

You can also print out the report that appears at the top of your activity feed. To do that, simply click on Print under the Save button:

This will automatically open your Print window. Both on Windows and MacOS, you can download it as a PDF instead of printing it out:

- On MacOS, simply select the Save as PDF option in the bottom left corner.

- On Windows, select Microsoft Print to PDF as your printer, this will save the file instead of printing it.

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