Gateway mode can help you control your Nold Open device remotely, over the internet. In this guide you'll understand how this works and how to set it up. Please keep in mind that this is a beta feature, so some issues might appear here and there.

How does this works?

We send a message to the Android app on your phone, which will connect to the Nold Open device via Bluetooth and will notify the server if it's connected or not.

What phones can be used as a gateway?

Any Android device that controls your Nold Open devices and runs the latest version of the Nold app. This could be a phone, tablet or even an Android based tv stick. Also, make sure that you have internet connection on this device and you keep it in the Bluetooth range of Nold Open.

How to setup a gateway?

First, install the Nold Open app on your Android device that you want to use as a gateway and sign in with your Nold account so you can have access to your devices and master keys.

Go into app settings (tap the Nold logo in the top left corner) and turn on the Gateway mode toggle.

Once it's turned on, sign into Nold Cloud and you will see the enabled gateway in the top right corner.

Ok, it's turned on, now how can I control my devices remotely?

You have two options to do this. From Nold Cloud, simply go to your device list and you will see a new button called Connect and Check status. Connect will trigger Nold to open or close the door, while Check status will report back the input status on Nold.

You can also control your device remotely from another phone. Go into device settings and you will see two new options, Connect with gateway and Check door status.

Is there a way to know if my door is open remotely?

Yes, but you need to install an open & close sensor and enable the open detection feature on the Nold Open device. You can learn more about this here.

The connection is not stable and the gateway mode stops working after a while

Theres a few things you can do to improve the gateway mode:

Make sure you have the correct time set on the gateway phone. Go to date & time settings and turn off the automatic zime and timezone settings and turn them back on to sync the times.
It is recommended that you leave your phone plugged in to your charger.
Check out the Don't kill my app website, find your phone brand and follow the instructions described. As you can see, most of the phone manufacturers close the app after a while to save battery. If the app is closed, the gateway mode might not work.
Enable the direct mode in the app settings
On Android 8.0+, select the notification settings button in the app settings and for the Gateway mode and the Gateway health check notifications set the importance to Urgent
On some phones, you can lock the app in the multitasking window by tapping on the lock icon
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