1. Nold Cloud 2.0 and mobile bugfixes
  2. We released new versions for all of our apps


  1. I granted access for several guests, but some of them can’t use the shared key.
  2. I revoke access from one guest, now the others can't control the gate.
  3. I can't login to the Nold app
  4. The Auto-Open function doesn't work.
  5. My guest didn't receive the invitation.
  6. The Nold application doesn't open my gate.
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Nold Cloud

  1. Is Nold Cloud free?
  2. How do i access Nold Cloud?


  1. How does the auto-open function work?

Guest management

  1. How do i revoke access from a specific guest?
  2. My guest does not received an email, what should i do?
  3. I've invited some guests. What should they do now?
  4. How do i grant access to other people?


  1. Is there a monthly fee?
  2. How secure is Nold Open? Can someone hack my garage door?
  3. What do I do if my phone runs out of battery?
  4. Do I need to pair my phone with Nold Open?
  5. Will this drain my phone's battery?
  6. What is the range of Nold Open?
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Mobile apps

  1. What phones do you support and where do I download the apps?
  2. How do I setup the Nold Open device?


  1. When do I receive my order?
  2. Can I cancel my order?
  3. What is the return policy?
  4. What payment methods can I use?
  5. How can I check my order status and edit my information?
  6. How much is shipping and will Nold ship internationally?

Compatibility & installation

  1. Video about installing Nold Open into an entry gate
  2. Quick Start Guide
  3. How do i install Nold Open?
  4. Where should i place Nold?
  5. What do I need to install Nold Open?
  6. Is Nold Open compatible with my garage door or gate?

About the device

  1. How small is the Nold Open device and is it waterproof?
  2. How many doors can one Nold device control?
  3. How does Nold Open work?
  4. What does the inputs do on Nold?
  5. Technical specification